Play Bingo On The Web With No Deposit Required at Cash Cabin

Bingo Cabin has had a makeover!

We've been working hard behind the scenes to give you a slicker, bigger and better site we hope you'll continue to love playing at. Don't worry, you've still got all your favourite rooms and games – we've just neatened it up and given it a fresh design!

Here's what's changed:



Instead of the old tabs, you'll find Bingo, Slots and Casino for you to select in the Lobby. We've moved the mini games from the main lobby to the slots tab, plus as usual you'll find all your Mini Games still in the bingo room.

Your room menu is now arranged vertically instead of as a grid.

We've now got a great notice board on the right hand side of the lobby where you can see what's going on each day – including any deposit bonuses and bingo highlights for that day.


You'll now see your cash balance in the top right hand side of the screen. To see your BB balance, simply click on the balance and you will see both BBs and Cash.


We've added a slider now so that you can easily select your deposit and withdrawal amount instead of the old drop down. Or alternatively you can click on the default amounts to quick select. You can now use a left to right arrow to flick through the depositing methods available.

Bonus selector

Underneath your deposit amount you can select whether you would like to take a BB bonus, a cash bonus or no bonus at all.


We've added all your opt-in promotions to your My Promos page as well as What's On so you never need to miss a promo again! You will no longer find promos in My Account. Just head to Promos and My Promos to see what is on offer.


In our new site you can earn rewards as you play! At the top of the lobby, you'll see a level number, , number of points earned, a trophy and a cash or BB amount. As you play, your level will go up along the amount of reward you have built up. What's more, as you climb each reward level, you'll be able to unlock new games and new features such as different coloured daubers!

If you were an existing Bronze player or more prior to , then you will be defaulted at level 15. Any new players are level 0 but can jump to level 6 as soon as they fund.

Once you reach level 15, 20, 25 and so on your cash or BBs will be awarded and then the amount will be reset.

What the numbers mean:

6 = this is the reward level you have hit.

101 = this is how many points you have earned at the current level.

0.68Bbs = this is the bonus you have built up so far, you can collect your bonus at various intervals starting from level 15.


Look out for amazing new features like chat colour selection, new emotions and daubers!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a deposit?

You have two options. Either click on the currency symbol next to your balance to open the cashier or you can go to Menu > Cashier.

What is bonus select?

On the deposit page, once you select a deposit amount, you'll be asked to select which bonus amount you would like. You can select BBs, Cash or No Bonus. If you have a bonus code you would like to use, go to My Promos and add this before you make a deposit.


How do I find out what promos are on offer?

Go to Menu > Promos > My Promos. Here you'll find any deposit bonuses available to you and any tournaments, cash-back or other promotions available for you to take up.

How do I opt into my promotions?

You can opt into promotions two ways. Either visit My Promos under Menu > Promos > My promos and opt-in or you can visit Menu > Promos and click on the promotion page and opt-in via that.

I have a promo code I want to claim, how do I do claim this?

Go to My Menu > Promos > My Promos and on this page there is a "Claim a Promotion Code" box where you can input your code and claim.


What will happen to my loyalty level?

Your existing levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) will continue as usual with the normal upgrades and downgrades.

Will I still get a monthly bonus?

We've replaced the monthly bonus with a bonus that you build as you play – you can see this at the top of the lobby next to your level.

I'm a new player, how do I unlock games?

Once you make your first deposit, you'll automatically jump to level 6 and unlock several games to play. As you climb levels you'll unlock even more.

What does the number in the star mean?

The number in the star is the level you have reached.

What does that number next to my level number mean?

The number to the right of the star is the number of points within that level you have reached. If you hover over the number you will see how many points are required to hit the next level.

What happens when I level up?

As you hit each new level, a pop-up will appear to show you what is now available at your new level.

Is there a max level?

No, sky is the limit so keep on climbing and reap those rewards!

What happens to my level when my loyalty pays out?

Your level will stay the same and not reset but you will carry on climbing higher depending on how much you play.

If I don't play, will I keep my level?

Yes, the level you hit won't ever go down, however you just won't earn any loyalty rewards until you start playing again.


I've closed chat, how do I reopen it?

To reopen chat, go to Menu > Settings > Open chat.

How can I tell what my cash and bb balance are?

If you click on the arrow next to your balance, a drop down will show you how much is cash and how much you have in bingo bucks.

What are BBs and how can I use them?

BBs are bonus cash and can be used on any bingo games excluding Mega Bingo.

How do I change my dauber colour and symbol?

To change your dauber colour just click on the dauber symbol at the base of the cards purchases. Then an options screen will appear to help you select your colour of choice.

How do I turn off the sounds?

Go to Menu > Settings > Audio settings

Why can't I play some of the games?

If games are locked, you will see a padlock icon over the game. Hover over the game icon and you'll see the level you need to reach to unlock it.

Can I turn off the adverts on the side?

Yes, there is a red cross in the top right hand side of the lobby. If you press this it will close the ads and show chat.

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