Login Name: Guest Date: 22 March 2012

300% Deposit Bonus - Monday 26 March
Be sure to join us in the rooms on Monday 26 March, to take advantage of the 300% deposit match. The 300% deposit bonus will be valid during the following hours: 4am-7am and 7pm-10pm EST. Note: your cash and BB balance must be less $10 and $50 in order to qualify for the bonus.

Note: this will be the last Triple Bonus Monday. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting promotional offers to come!

Must Go Jackpot
Must Go Jackpot - Friday 23 March
Be sure to join us in the Snowflake Lounge this Friday - 23 March 2012 for a Must go Jackpot.
It’s all happening on the Jackpot Skis pattern - watch for the pattern between 11pm and midnight EST, both the prize and jackpot must be won on this game!

Winners corner at Bingo Cabin
Winners corner at Bingo Cabin
NannaX6 won $16,350.86 - Bingo - 12 March
‘I was totally shocked when I won the Bonanza last Monday night. I put my last $40 on  my prepaid Credit Card, happy that it was 300% deposit bonus.I was set for the game which was for just over $300 and when my number came out, I thought I had just won the bingo game... I typed "yesssssss" as  usual than when it showed my name again I saw the $16,000....Let me tell you it was a good thing I was laying down... I nearly passed out.My husband is disabled and my daughter is a recovering addict. I have spent my life taking care of my family financially.. What a blessing this was..I was so stressed about paying bills and getting my hubby some new dentures as the morphine he has been on for the past 19 yrs ruined all his teeth...Our 25th wedding anniversary is in August and my 60th bday is in July... We are going to celebrate with Bingo Cabins money....I am also taking a trip out west to see my new granddaughter who is about to turn one. Have not seen her yet so am very excited. I also paid bills (yuk) and am giving some to the Women's Shelter that I volunteer for.Thank you to all the staff and players who were excited for me.I hope everyone gets a chance to feel that excitement. Thank you to all the staff at customer service for being so helpful. Luv you all, and will see you online.. Good luck everyone.NannaX6’

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Email sweepstake
And the winners are...
The following players have each won a share of the 200BB sweepstake pot -

jessie777, neilf, Trishm7, heatherm, dida08, misskellyrae, stitchin, vmessineo, greenpurple, sara18

How to claim:
1) Make sure you have deposited at least once in the month
2) Make sure your login name is listed as one of the winners
3) Forward a copy of this newsletter to [email protected] with the subject line ‘email sweepstake'.

The bonus will be credited within 1 business day - winners have one week to claim their prize.

Check in here same time next week for our next group of lucky winners. Good luck!

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