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VIP News 01 July 2013


July 2013 Newsletter Summary
Check out what we have in this months Newsletter:

1. Check your perks
2. Going on vacation?
3. Chat Room Specials
4. MegaBingo Specials
5. Build a pattern competition
6. Monthly Pot of Gold
7. Monthly email sweepstake
8. Top winners for June

Check out the amazing perks for your loyalty level
1. Gifts/bonuses for loyalty, birthdays and Christmas - To receive gifts from the site, please ensure to fill out the VIP survey in My Account via the software
2. Special tournaments
3. 100% BB deposit match bonus daily (to qualify, your cash and BB account must be less than $10 and $50 respectively.)
4. Random bonus offers throughout the month
5. Use of the call-back function via the My Account Contact Us page

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Just a question before we get started:
Planning any trips this year? If yes, let us know where you are going, and when you'll be away - as we'd like to keep your seat warm! You can email [email protected] with your vacation info.

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Chat Specials
July Chat Room Specials
Canada Day
C is for Canada on 01 July! Watch for the special "Canada" pattern to play today with a $100 prize!

Christmas in July
Ready, set, Bingo! With two hourly tournaments each day, it's sure to be a fun time. The tournaments will run in the main bingo room each day from 7am-8am and 8pm-9pm EST, July 15th-July 21st! Each single game winner will be able to pick an ornament #1-20 and win the prize hidden behind the ornament. Shared game winners will each receive $2 BBs. At the end of the hour the player with the most ornaments picked will win a $50 Gift Certificate! In the event of a tie $50 BBs will be shared between the eligible players who tied. All players who have deposited in the 14 days leading up to the date and time of the promotion will be eligible to participate.

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MegaBingo Guaranteed Prizes
For the month of July we are giving away $49,000 in cash prizes! We are giving away $1,000 each night Sundays, and Tuesdays to Fridays, $2,000 on Mega Mondays and each Saturday a smashing $2,500!

Mega Mondays:
There are 4 x $500 must go cash prizes each Monday. The time slots are 7am | 8am | 7pm | 8pm EST with 25c cards!

$10,000 Must Go in cash prizes on 27 July:
On 27 July we are giving away 5 MegaBingo cash prizes totalling $10,000.
Game Times:
Saturday, 27 July: 3pm EST for $500
Saturday, 27 July: 5pm EST for $1,000
Saturday, 27 July: 7pm EST for $1,500
Saturday, 27 July: 9pm EST for $2,000
Saturday, 27 July: 11pm EST for $5,000

To stand a chance of winning, pre-buy your MegaBingo tickets in the MegaBingo room, or at the bingo table. Buy 5 and get 10 tickets on all Sunday and Tuesday to Friday games. Saturday games: buy 10 and get 10 free. All games will play at 11pm EST daily

Get more information on the MegaBingo page.

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Build a pattern
Build a Pattern
Exclusively for Platinum and Diamond players only

Calling all Platinum and Diamond Players! We have something just up your bingo alley! The tournament
runs monthly (from the 1st to the 25th) in Snowflake Lounge. Collect the most bingos for the month and earn yourself the prestigious opportunity of having a pattern named after you! And there is more, you get to build your pattern too. Once the winner is announced, he/she will be asked to build their pattern and send it in. The pattern will then be named as your login name for the following month. To top that off, each time you bingo on your pattern you get an extra 10 BBs!

For information on this tournament, click here.

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Pot o' Gold - Monthly Competition
Being a winner in our monthly Pot o' Gold competition is very easy! You'll be rewarded for collecting 1 to 10 numbers!

The more numbers you get, the better your prize:

10 of 10 number: 200 BBs
9 of 10 number: 75 BBs
8 of 10 number: 40 BBs
7 of 10 number: 30 BBs
6 of 10 number: 25 BBs
5 of 10 number: 20 BBs
4 of 10 number: 15 BBs
3 of 10 number: 10 BBs
2 of 10 number: 5 BBs
1 of 10 number: 2 BBs

These are the numbers to aim for: 4 | 7 | 13 | 29 | 33 | 37 | 50 | 58 | 65 | 70
Keep track of your progress here.

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VIP Winners
Winners at Bingo Cabin
Check out the 10 biggest VIP payouts for the month of June!

Player Game Amount
poppy00 Cash Blizzard $6,700.00
Casper20 Mad Science $6,000.00
Jelly23 Pyramids of Cash $5,106.00
karen7274 Jungle Fever $3,750.00
Dora7580 Slots of Bingo $3,375.00
bubblelipz Pyramids of Cash $3,008.00
pocketz Galaxy of Riches $2,572.00
drew07 Cash Blizzard $2,537.00
poppy00 Pyramids of Cash $2,500.00
ipso72 Mad Science $2,406.00

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And the winners are...
The following players have each won a share of the 400BB sweepstake pot

04steph66, 23c3Leim, A5jov, annie6108, bella669, shyest1, molly molly, cookie45, lex, christina75, selphie01, col60, zurbriggs, CrasyDianan, sarahbryant4, lorettarangi, PTG06, zkay54, krigat, paulah642

How to claim:
1. Make sure your login name is listed as one of the winners
2. Forward a copy of this newsletter to [email protected] with the subject line ‘email sweepstake'.

The bonus will be credited within 1 business day - winners have one week to claim their prize.

Check in here same time next week for our next group of lucky winners. Good luck!

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If there is anything I can do to make your experience with us a more pleasant one, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

The Bingo Cabin Diamond Club
[email protected]


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